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D'endetté à millionnaire

BESTSELLER! A plan for millennials, young families and anyone who wishes to get richer.

By : David Descoteaux and Ian Sénéchal
ISBN : 9782764026496

$7.95 (including tax and delivery)


Thousands of Quebeckers urgently need to get out of chronic debt and accumulate savings for their retirement. The good news is that you can do it, no matter your age or salary, but you will have to put the effort into it.

In this book, you will learn, among other things:

• How to (legally) avoid paying taxes;
• How to restore your finances using the austerity protocol;
• What to do, and in which order, if you’re building a family;
• How to get richer with the government’s biggest present: the RESP;
• The basics of negotiation and how to manage your own investments;
• How to make smart use of RRSPs and TFSAs, and thumb your nose at tax authorities;

Here are concrete actions that are easy to implement and accessible to everyone. The goal is to provide you with a guide that is pleasant to read but also covers all your basic needs. Although it’s primarily intended for the novice, those who are financially savvy will find many original ideas.

David Descôteaux

David has won various journalism awards as a business columnist for several years. He writes for the Journal de Montréal, the Journal de Québec, andCPA Magazine. He authored L’argent des autres, a book published by Québec-Livres. He also published the book D’endetté à Millionnaire in 2017.

Ian Sénéchal

He worked as an actuary for five years prior to getting into financial services. Thanks to his rigour and skills, he established a strong customer base. Since 2015, he has been president of VotreConseiller.net, a financial services firm. He contributed to the book D’endetté à Millionnaire published in 2017.