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Preparing for retirement as soon as possible

The most important variable is absolutely the investment horizon.

The importance of starting retirement planning as soon as possible must be constantly emphasized. The amount of money one can accumulate is directly related to these three variables:

• Their rate of return
• Their contribution rate
• Their investment horizon

An example that speaks volumes

How much does it cost Alan, age 30, to accumulate $1 million at age 65 compared to Max, age 40? Let’s assume a 7% long-term rate of return. Alan will have to contribute $581/month to reach his goal, while Max will have to contribute $1269/month. That’s more than double! That’s the magic of compound interest. Procrastination is very costly in preparing for retirement. These calculations were obtained from the financial calculator. Give it a try for yourself.

Making projections with an advisor

Meet with one of our advisors, who can help you make several retirement projections. Together, you can use the calculator to fully understand the impact of your decisions. Our advisor will help you determine reasonable assumptions based on normal economic expectations as well as your risk tolerance and the time you have left before your long-awaited retirement.

This is our approach

To learn more, meet with a VotreConseiller.net advisor.

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