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Life insurance — it’s more than a premium

You need an advisor who assesses your needs properly and is a good teacher to guide you to the right solution.

Rest easy

All reasons are good to take out insurance, but at the end of the day, we’re all doing it with a single goal in mind — to sleep easy knowing we’re safe.
Financial insecurity can be a major concern and source of tension within a couple or a family, which is why many people turn to life insurance for safety and peace of mind.

The best strategy for your situation

This is where a good advisor becomes necessary. They are able to present you with the best strategy for your situation and needs, and to find the company offering the best premiums and features for you.
The strategy may differ depending on your age, financial situation, family situation and health.

Life insurance — it’s much more than a premium

The financial security advisor’s role is to assess your needs properly and be a good teacher to guide you to the right solution. The advisor’s intent is not to sell you a product, but to work with you to help you choose the right insurance for you. For example, permanent life insurance — insurance coverage purchased to maintain lifelong insurance capital — is often chosen because its premium is fixed and will never increase. However, an advisor might instead recommend young clients consider term life insurance — temporary 10-year contracts, for example, which are much cheaper than permanent contracts.

Being well advised can change everything

For example, many people take out mortgage insurance from their lender without even shopping around. A good financial security advisor might have been able to get them a better price or could have at least advised them of other options. As another example, cancelling a permanent contract when you are between 65 and 70 years of age is a disaster to avoid in terms of planning. In this case, the problem is not so much the decision made at age 68, but the decisions made 30 years ago. Hence, the importance of working with a financial advisor early in life.

Comparing products isn’t everything

Are you sure your life or disability insurance needs are limited to covering your remaining mortgage capital or your monthly payments? Are you sure that having declining insurance capital is ideal? What options are actually available to you? Do you have children? What group insurance coverage do you have? Does it already cover the risk of disability? If you are disabled, for how many years do you want to receive payments? In the frenzy of buying a house, we often forget to consider these questions. A financial security advisor will help you consider them all.

This is our approach

To learn more, meet with a VotreConseiller.net advisor.