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Car and home insurance

A good advisor who knows your situation and needs will be able to guide you in your choice.

Necessary to protect your heritage

You want to have this paramount protection for your car, your home, your cottage, as well as your motor vehicle. Some websites will promise you the best price. That’s not necessarily our core objective. Instead, our philosophy at VotreConseiller.net is to connect you with professionals who can provide you with the right advice.

Property and casualty insurance — much more than

With this in mind, we have identified advisors who also own their business and who care about their reputation and their customer’s satisfaction.
You won’t necessarily have access to all insurance companies through these advisors, but one thing is for certain, you will receive excellent service and won’t be treated as simply a number. As a bonus, you’ll get advice. Property and casualty insurance is much more complex than you might imagine.

A new car is expensive

In the book D’endetté à Millionaire, we explain how a new car can be a major expense. For example, if you choose to buy a new car for $33,000 and you put 60,000 km on it, it will cost you $0.33 per kilometre. If you choose to buy it used, for let’s say $16,500, and keep it until it hits 260,000 km, it will cost you only $0.08 per kilometre!! Add to that the price of your property and casualty insurance, and the difference in cost between a new and a used car might surprise you. A financial security advisor can also guide you through these decisions.

Choosing good service

In short, if you insist on having the cheapest premium on the market, it will always be your responsibility to do the necessary shopping around. However, if you value the importance of customer service throughout the process, you are definitely in the right place.

This is our approach

To learn more, meet with a VotreConseiller.net advisor.