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Good budget planning

There is no need to remind you of the importance of budgeting for your family. Even less so to respect it!

Budget is not enough? Enter the austerity protoc

If you wish to control your spending to meet your goals, the budget may not be a sufficient tool. As its name suggests, the austerity protocol is a powerful tool to get your finances back on track. The objective is not so much to monitor a budget weekly, but to set a threshold at which the protocol kicks in. If you haven’t been able to save a single dollar in five years, you’d be wise to consider it. Expenses such as dining out, going to the movies, buying alcohol, going to bars, and purchasing luxury clothing and lottery tickets will be hit by this protocol. That doesn’t seem attractive to you? The whole point of budget planning is to not need these kinds of methods. A good advisor can help you plan your budget so you don’t get to that point.

The importance of saving

Saving means, first of all, not being constrained to use credit for all our expenses. For example, if you’ve built up a few-thousand-dollar emergency  fund and something goes wrong, you don’t need to take out a loan or to max out a credit card charging 19% interest to buy a washer or a refrigerator. If your savings are relatively high, you can contribute to long-term investments such as a TFSA or an RRSP. Work with an advisor for guidance in your savings strategy.

Budget Express—effective software

At VotreConseiller.net, sharing knowledge is at the very heart of our philosophy. A client recently wrote to us asking us to tell you about a software program he designed to help you prepare your budget. If budgeting is an exercise you want to put in place in your family, you’re looking for a software program to help you and this one suits you, don’t hesitate to get it. It’s called Budget Express.

This is our approach

To learn more, meet with a VotreConseiller.net advisor.

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