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Services Firm


VotreConseiller.net – Financial Services Firm

A service that is built on education, client coaching, support and simplicity.

It’s about choosing our values as well

Our philosophy is “service before self.” We’re here to guide you to the best solution for you, considering your financial situation, your personal goals, your risk tolerance and a myriad of other factors. A good salesperson tells the customer what they want to hear; a good advisor tells them what they need to hear.

It’s about choosing a comprehensive service

One of our advisors can help you and guide you in your choices, whether you’re looking for an RRSP, an RESP, a TFSA, life insurance, budget planning information, retirement projections or just general personal financial advice. Our goal is to work with you to find what is right for you.

It’s about choosing a diverse network of contact

In addition to our financial security advisory services, VotreConseiller.net can connect you with a variety of specialists depending on your needs. We work with mortgage brokers, accountants, notaries, lawyers as well as property and casualty insurance agents. No matter what your needs are, we can recommend someone to help.

This is our approach